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You'll also get to meet Justin Stefka in Diaper Duty Vampire. He's so yummy he'll be getting his own full-length story in:

You met Justin Stefka in Diaper Duty Vampire and he's just so yummy I had to give him a book of his own.


This long-suffering vampire has spent a century cleaning up younger brother's messes. But this time Anthony has landed him in a new predicament, and it's a doozy.

After dumping his underage neophyte on Justin's doorstep, Anthony takes off for a little R & R. Solitary Justin is aghast to find himself babysitting, and having his peaceful existence shattered by the temperamental and very LOUD she-vamp.
By the book Justin insists she needs a keeper. Gwyn, however, doesn't want any old stick-in-the-mud constantly monitoring her every move.
Rebelliously, Gwyn goes out alone where she witnesses a woman falling from a high cliff. Considering it fate, she decides to create her own built-in companion. One that she can control through the mentor's link. Unfortunately, changing a newly dead human isn't that easy and Justin has to step in to save the day, er, night.
Suddenly, Justin has two brand-new neophytes in his care. And he's trying his blessed best to step up to the challenge.
If only he could concentrate on the task of training the newbies, and keep his eyes off the lovely Amy.
All coming in....
Waking Up Dead.
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