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Back To Hell by R E Mullins is once again available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Written as fan fiction for Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade, it is still an original story by R E Mullins but loosely based on the land and inhabitants of Inferna with its own main characters and situations.

Back to Hell new cover.jpeg

Eli Grayheart, vampire demon, lesser Lord of Inferna was banished to the mortal realm. For a decade, he has been reduced to working the night shift for human employers and little pay. As he desperately seeks a way back to his homeland, he has plotted his revenge. The pink Fae, known as Keeda Weranseer is going to regret the part she played in his exile. Ever more graphic plans for revenge fuel his life, and, he swears, if it takes forever and a night he will find his way back to Hell.

e-book and paperback both available at: 

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