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It's a Wonderful Undead LIfe

Vampire In The Scrying Glass

Vampire To Be Reckoned With,


Cold Hearted Vampire

are now available on audible.


With her first novel, It’s a Wonderful Undead Life, writer R. E. Mullins has taken on the challenge and brought a fresh take to the genre. Mullins has broken through the ranks of shopworn undead novels with generous doses of humor and romance. Author Mullins has written an unlikely heroine for her vampire series. Instead of an angst-filled teen, or a nubile beauty in her twenties, Mullins has woven her tale around a thirties-something protagonist, Cailey Kantor, a divorced woman who lives a quiet existence in a fictional hamlet, Amber Heights, Missouri. 
Mullins writes a complex story then with her tongue planted squarely in her cheek, uses her own medical experience to inject new blood into the world of the vampire. Despite the length (340 pages), It’s a Wonderful Undead Life is a fresh take on an oversaturated genre and definitely worth the read.

Well, this series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! In VAMPIRE IN THE SCRYING GLASS the electricity between Morgan and Rafe is almost tangible! I just love the way this couple starts off at odds and end up crazy in love! The vampires in this series are not like other books I have read, and as for the witchcraft, it is just fantastic. R.E. Mullins writes with wonderful attention to detail and a lot of humor that keeps the story moving. She obviously did her research, this book is filled with scientific and mythological factoids that information junkies everywhere love in their books! I was really caught up in the sequence of events and truly enjoyed reading this book. I can't wait for the next one! And I highly recommend this novel for paranormal lovers, you will not be disappointed.

C.D. Gorri

A VAMPIRE TO BE RECKONED WITH. I really enjoyed the characters in this book. You don't expect a vampire to work with the local religious leaders to stop a trafficking ring that preys on immigrants. There were some really funny moments in the story. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.
Metta is around 200 years old. She has kept a lot of secrets from her family about her work as an assassin almost 100 years ago. They think she is weak and needs to be treated with care and it drives her crazy. She had left the danger to raise her younger brother but he is all grown and she is left without anything but housekeeping duties until the local religious leaders ask for her help. 

L. Levine

Franscesca M

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